The Team

Meet the passionate, hard-working and slightly crazy people of Van.Eko. A team that we are very proud of.

Vaniek Colenbrander


Passionately crazy about anything on wheels. Sleepless nights mauling on business plans, market entries strategies and team building. Even more sleepless nights contemplating how to assemble the various components together and miraculously seeing a CAD-model come to life. Yes, this runs in through your veins.

Gerard van Dijk


A strong belief in the company, the people and the concept of making green mobility appealing pulled me towards Van.Eko. This is the kind of business I want to contribute to.
Energized by complex situations and coming up with creative solutions. Driven to make Van.Eko’s products a loved and cherished fulfillment of the mobility needs of people around the world.

Ruud Dinsbach


Joined Van.Eko to make it the #1 high-end E-mobility brand in the Netherlands. Years in the E-scooter market convinced me of the potential of E-scooters in the Dutch market and beyond. I fell in love with the unique design of the Be.e. This was the perfect vehicle for me to grab this potential. I love to seize opportunities, to lay out strategy and to persevere.