We set out on a mission to use unique and innovative materials in urban mobility solutions. Taking inspiration from the past, and implementing our views for the future we aim to seduce toward a cleaner way of life.

Live today, care about tomorrow.

Our Vision

A future in which cities are about life, with clean urban mobility being the standard and Van.Eko the symbol of style, quality and performance.

Why Hemp?



One of the oldest, strongest and most versatile crops in the world. It is extremely robust and resilient, making it a superior material for electric vehicles. Check out Henry Ford back in the day


The combination of natural fibre into an indestructible frame, makes for a unique look&feel and conveys character and style. Beautiful surface quality, Great strength.


Hemp is cultivated with a very low footprint and improves soil quality. CO2 is captured in our frame until end-of –life when the body can be incinerated for energy recovery as biomass. It is an ideal renewable resource, fulfilling both functional as energetic needs.

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